President's Letter


Welcome to the Belvidere of Board of Realtors web site. Please feel to check things out. Would you like to find out  more about our board? Are you a Realtor, a vendor such as a lender, a title company, a home inspector or anyone else in our industry and would like information about becoming a member of our association? We have links to the benefits of becoming a member, the applications necessary to become a member, a link to learn who the directors and officers are that serve on the board of directors, our bylaws and what we are all about. Are you a current member? We have links concerning ce requirements, when ce classes are available, a link to Boone County Taxes on line etc. Are you a home buyer or seller looking for a Realtor? We have links to Realtors that can help you. We also have a team store which offers home for sale signs, open house signs, riders, literature boxes and much more. These items are not just available to our members but to anyone. There is a link here on our website to show you what is available. There are also links to get you to the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce, local government agencies and school districts. The bottom line is that our website offers everyone a vast amount of information regarding real estate and our community. Please feel free to take advantage of it all.

And now it’s time for a little bragging. We’ve had a couple of very good years here at the board. We have increased our membership by almost 40% since 2017, our donations to help out the community are up and our activity surrounding the community and local government has greatly increased. Here is just a small list of some of the things that we are doing to help the community: We offer a scholarship each year to each of the 3 high schools located in Boone County, we donate to the Boone County Community Foundation, CASA, RAMP, the local food pantry(Empower Boone), Growth dimensions and more each year. We are very involved in community activities such as BoCo, Heritage Days, Habitat for Humanity, the Chili Cook-off and Hometown Christmas(we sponsor a family each year and provide a tree and gifts). We donate winter coats and gloves for needy children and helped sponsor the Belvidere Park district by buying advertising at the rink(check out our ad on the south west corner of the rink).

Why should a realtor become a member or a vendor become an affiliate? Other than the obvious benefits to supporting your local community, we provide access to MRED which is one of two widely used MLS’ in our area. We also offer free access to Boone County taxes online, if you are a member you don’t have to pay a dime for access. We have quarterly meetings that are not only informative but offer you the ability to mingle with other agents and vendors that share your interests in real estate and our community.

Other things that we have done over the last year or two: We are fighting the battle and discussing impact fees and ways to resolve this issue with our local government and school officials. This is an ongoing battle. We have appeared before the city council to resolve an issue. As an effort to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial we provided financial support to help make the Jeanne Gang Mural a reality and also provided funds for the Boone County Historical Museum to create a “teachers trunk” which is a trunk filled with historically relevant items to help students create a picture in their minds of what it was like to live years ago.

Just a final thought, thanks for your interest in the Belvidere Board of Realtors. If there is anything that we can do as a board or if you have anything for me(my information is available on this website or by calling the office), please feel free to contact us. Let’s hope for another great year this year!